In France, the car drove into the crowd, injured 13 people

In the Department of Saone et Loire in Eastern France, a drunk driver drove into a crowd of people standing at the bar.

Eyewitnesses perceived the driver as a terrorist because of his strange behaviour, which were revealed only after the intervention of the police.

the Incident occurred around midnight in a small commune, the Monogram, the reason for it was the conflict between visitors of My Beers.

Injured at least 13 people, but their lives are not in danger. However, the girl received a severe wound to the leg, and three more are “in a state of shock.”

According to local media, the man left the party, and drunk driving. By mistake, he backpedaled and crashed into a crowd of 200-300 people, then fled the scene.

police arrested the driver on “to hot scents”, investigators are working with him. According to preliminary data, the terrorist attack out of the question.