In Georgia detained a Russian in the case of the preparation of the assassination

In Tbilisi detained a Russian citizen, accused of using false documents. According to the state security Service (SGB) of Georgia, the detention was connected with the investigation of the preparation of the assassination.

According to the security services, the arrest was made by the staff of the counterterrorist center GBS “on the basis of conclusive evidence received by the investigation”. It is noted that thus “prevented a more serious crime.”

the Agency does not specify how the detained Russian is associated with the preparation of the murder, who was supposed to be by and against whom it was directed. It is reported that there is an investigation in the case, including through international cooperation through Interpol channels.

At the same time Georgian media reports that the detainee was allegedly plotting to kill journalist Georgy Gabunia that in July 2019, on the TV channel “Rustavi-2” were insults of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the use of obscene language. Then the act of leading and condemned the Russian side and the Georgian authorities.

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