In Germany told whether salmon can be a carrier of coronavirus

the German journalists doubt the fact that new wave in the fashion industry in China caused a salmon. In Beijing claim that the virus was discovered in the market on a cutting Board for salmon, which could be imported from Norway.

according to Spiegel, the researchers came to the conclusion that the greatest risk of Contracting COVID-19 — in mammals. In particular, infected cats, ferrets, camels, horses, sheep and rabbits. At the same time are unlikely to be carriers of reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, pigs, Guinea pigs, mice and rats.

“It would be surprising if the salmon could be infected with a virus and pass it to the person,” the article notes.

According to the authors, the Chinese authorities decided to shift the blame on the fish and show that they “got everything under control.” Most likely, the virus began to spread due to the seller, who was infected and didn’t follow the rules of hygiene.

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