In Gus-Crystal in the blazing house of culture

In the town of Gus-Khrustalny on the area of 2,4 thousand sq. m lit House of culture. As reported on the website of emergency management in the Vladimir region, a large fire fighting 36 people and 14 units of equipment.

the Burned part of the third floor, auditorium and stage. There is a danger that the fire will spread to the administrative building belonging to the stadium.

Fire in the Russian city considered interesting event

Published a video of a fire that occurred in the house of culture in the town of Gus-Crystal. The footage shows that the fire spread to the roof and upper floors of the building. Near DC is visible to the fire truck. “Well, at least something interesting in goose…

— Gratuit (@GlavTW) June 30, 2020

Information about the dead and injured there.

Earlier it was reported about the fire area of 500 sq. m. at the drama theatre in Vladimir, injuring one person.

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