In HC Avangard detected 20 persons infected with coronavirus: the team refused to participate in the tournament in Sochi

the Hockey club “Avangard” has decided to refuse participation in a pre-season Hockey Sochi Open due to the discovery of coronavirus 20 people among the players and staff. This was reported on the website of the club.

“From the beginning, fees our team regularly took the test for the coronavirus. Before such testing revealed a positive result in a large group of players and staff. Just at the moment a positive test is passed 20 people. They are isolated, distinct symptoms, most did not,” said the General Manager of HC “Siberia” Alexey Volkov.

He expressed regret that I had to withdraw from the tournament

“after Consulting with the coaching staff, we made the decision to leave the team in Balashikha in the mode of rigid insulation under the permanent control of the medical service with regular testing,” he concluded.

In the last season KHL “Avangard” took third place in the Eastern conference. The new KHL season is scheduled to begin on 2 September.

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