Severin is packing his bags. It is necessary to believe that the climate that reigns in France today will suit him much. The singer is taking its cliques and slaps her and goes to gild the pill under the sun of Mexico, Brazil or elsewhere, as he argues in his new video holiday , an excerpt of his new album to be released on February 15, 2019 (Neon Napoleon and PIAS France).

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“Me, as much as the other, we want the sun”, he said in a news release announcing the release of the video in which we see scroll through images on Instagram. All recount the major events of the year 2018: the fight between Booba and Kaaris at the airport of Orly, the resignation of Nicolas Hulot of the ministry of the ecological Transition and solidarity, the hearing of Mark Zuckerberg before the u.s. Congress or the historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jung-un.

so Many moments of grace, as they say Léa Salamé that the singer mixed with more recent images. Those clashes between police and “yellow vests”, hordes of consumers rushing to the inside of a store for Black friday, or a swimming pool full to the brim. “The only thing that makes sense is to lock in vacation, coos Séverin, a worthy heir of Pierre Barouh, on an air of bossa.

other sequences more comical to add a little levity to this retrospective of the year: rolls Neymar during the world cup of football, the fall of a supporter of the France team attempting a “stunt” in the wake of the victory of the Blue or in the bowl of a skier zigzagging in the middle of shrubs.

The piece, the first extract of Transatlantic , the third solo album of Severin to be released on February 15, 2019, deserves to be spent in loop (why not holiday on the road?) to complete the beauty of this strange year that we have had to endure.