The allegations of sexual harassment, weighing in on the tenor Placido Domingo, one of the most famous Spanish artists brought especially calls for the respect of the presumption of innocence Wednesday in his native country. Several representatives of the middle of the opera in Spain have described the artist, married for decades, as “a man to women”, while ensuring never to have observed acts of harassment on his part.

The world famous singer, born 78 years ago in Madrid, face since Tuesday, to a series of accusations of sexual harassment that have pushed the Los Angeles opera to announce an investigation, and two large rooms american to cancel performances. But the opera house of Valencia, in eastern Spain, has announced that it is maintaining for the moment the participation of the tenor to the four performances of Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi, scheduled for 2 December.

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In a statement, the Palace of Arts of this city is said to wait for the justice to render its “decision on the facts in order to act accordingly and take an appropriate measure, thus preserving the presumption of innocence”. This opera is said to have received no complaints nor had any knowledge of”any kind of harassment” against its own staff.

The newspaper of the right ABC published an editorial in defense of the tenor, pointing out that only one of the nine women who accused gave his name. “It would be fair to respect the presumption of innocence of Placido Domingo”, insisted the newspaper, concluding that”it is always necessary to wait for Justice”.

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“he is a great deceiver, everyone knew that, but I really doubt that he could do such a thing. If he was in the street, the women knelt in front of him”

Aldo Mariotti, artistic agent

“I was stunned when I saw the news”, told AFP the artistic agent Aldo Mariotti, a close relative of the deceased soprano Spanish Montserrat Caballé, attached to Barcelona. Placido Domingo “in Spain, a true “divo”, a phenomenon, an artist is immense,” he said. “He is a great deceiver, everyone knew that, but I really doubt that he could do such a thing, there was no need: if he was in the street, the women knelt in front of him, he could “have” the prettiest”.

In a survey released by the Associated Press, nine women – eight singers and a dancer – claimed to have been sexually harassed by the singer from the end of the 1980s. “The allegations of these anonymous individuals of which go back 30 years are deeply disturbing, and, as presented, are inaccurate,” replied Placido Domingo in a press release, adding: “I thought that all my interactions and relationships were always welcome and consensual”.

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“What I’ve seen, is that it is kind, that he is a man who loves women, like me, I like men, and it’s no problem”

Maria Jose Suarez, mezzo-soprano Spanish

Several singers lyric Spanish were soon caught in its defense, such as the mezzo-soprano Maria Jose Suarez, who has sung several times at his side. “What I’m going to say is not going to appeal to many women, but I have seen many women run after him”, she said on Wednesday at the microphone of the radio Cadena Ser. “If these ladies have had these problems, it is not me who will contradict them, but I’ve never seen it, ever,” she insisted. “What I’ve seen, is that it is kind, that he is a man who loves women, like me, I love men, and it’s no problem”.

The soprano Pilar Jurado, president of the Spanish Society of authors and publishers, described him as “a perfect gentleman”. “I have never felt harassed in my life or compelled to do something that I didn’t want to”, she said to the Spanish agency Europa Press. “I’ve never had the slightest clue of what he accuses the +maestro+”, has also testified to the soprano Davinia Rodriguez, quoted by the newspaper La Razon . The daily right-wing Spanish has somehow reversed the charge, by writing in the title of his article: “Metoo harasses Placido Domingo”, a reference to the movement launched in 2017 by the accusations of sexual assault against the powerful producer of american cinema Harvey Weinstein.