In Hong Kong forcibly dispersed protesters against the stifling of freedoms in China

In Hong Kong with tear gas dispersed the protesters against Chinese policy in relation to one of the business centers of the world. About 100 demonstrators, despite the pandemic coronavirus, came to share in the shopping district of Causeway Bay.

according to The South China Morning Post, were detained at least one person.

This is the first protest against the draft law on the mechanism of protection of national security in Hong Kong, which is discussed now members of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives. The opposition is Hong Kong, and Western States said that the document violates the principle of “one country, two systems”. In addition, the Hong Kong community fears that the adoption of the document means censorship, including on the Internet.

As earlier reported, China has prepared a new draft law in order to stop in Hong Kong, separatist and other extremist sentiments. Business circles pointed to the seriousness of the initiative, which, in their opinion, is capable to destroy the global financial center that is Hong Kong.

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