In India mistakenly buried alive newborn

In the Indian state of Gujarat parents were buried alive baby girl.

according to The Indian Express the next morning in the ground around the pond, the baby found a passer-by who heard the cry. The locals dug up and took the girl to the clinic, where doctors know a child.

the Girl was born before her mother was in the hospital took a premature birth. The child was born two and a half months earlier than usual. The clinic was not the NICU, so the doctor recommended the parents to take their daughter to a private hospital. According to the parents, on the way to the hospital, the girl stopped moving, they thought she was dead and decided to bury her.

the Girl held the ground for about 12 hours. The doctors tried to save the girl, but she died 30 hours later. The chances of success were very small since the girl was born before the seventh month of pregnancy, and her organs were not formed, as was explained in the hospital.

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