In Irkutsk declared a flashmob in support of hungry animals zoos

a flash mob with the call to open the zoos takes place in Irkutsk. As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, the representative of the Irkutsk zoo Marina Selezneva, the action involves all indifferent to the fate of the animals people.

the zoo Workers asked for support for the plight of Pets: organizations exist solely due to the proceeds from the sale of tickets. After the winter period, during which the flow of visitors is greatly reduced, zoos did not have time to earn funds to buy food for future use. Since the end of March of animal feed are purchased only on the donations of caring people, saving animals from starvation. Now the zoo workers fear that they will not be able to feed Pets next winter, as it does not earn in the warm season.

Activists believe that a ban on the work of zoos irrational: visit these institutions may with the observance of all precautions against infection with a coronavirus.

“We invite all those who care about the fate of the Pets of the zoo, photographed with the inscription “Irkutsk open zoos” and share photos on the social network, adding the same hashtag #otkroetsya,” — said Marina Seleznev.

In the flash mob attended by employees of zoos, zoologists, and simple citizens. Concerned citizens photographed at home, at work and on the streets.

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