In Izmailovo will restore the historic arena with stables

the arena at shosse Entuziastov, 31D included in the ensemble of the complex equestrian school in Izmailovo, founded in 1935 on the initiative of Marshal of the Soviet Union Semyon Budyonny. Now this monument of cultural heritage of regional significance in need of restoration. The Moscow’s Department has issued the owner of the task to develop a project to preserve the historic arena.

As the head of Department Alexey Emelyanov, the question of restoration had to decide in court because the owner has not commenced the works on time. Now he asked for official job. Experts have already started to develop the project.

To do this, they will conduct bibliographic and archival research, and describe future architectural and constructive solutions, to study the engineering features of the building. Further, the project will need to coordinate with the Department of cultural heritage before beginning restoration.

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