The American of egyptian origin Rami Malek would not have played the villain in the 25th James Bond film, for which shooting is in progress, if the character, a terrorist, “reflected an ideology or a religion.” It is assured that this would not be the case before accepting the role, fearing that its origins cannot be abused for ideological purposes, in statements delivered to the tabloid british Daily Mirror published Wednesday 3 July.

He has set his conditions to the director, Cary Fukunaga, trusting him to have said: “We can’t identify the character with any act of terrorism that reflect an ideology or a religion (…). If this is the reason why I am your choice, so you can’t count on me”. And then he added: “But this was clearly not the vision of Cary Fukunaga. The villain is a terrorist of a different kind”.

Rami Malek, best actor oscar 2019

The actor of 38 years is from a family of Coptic egyptian immigrants in the suburbs of Los Angeles, in the United States. Attached to his roots, he has entrusted to us in 2018 in an interview with the magazine GQ “that there was no first-generation or second-generation immigrants: I am an Egyptian”. Then he said: “I grew up listening to egyptian music. I liked Oum Kalthoum. I liked Omar Sharif. I am so deeply in love and closely linked to egyptian culture. This is my DNA”. This year, Rami Malek has collected several awards for his interpretation of Freddie Mercury, lead singer for the iconic Queen, and has won the best actor Oscar.

For this James Bond 25, Rami Malek “feels a massive weight on his shoulders”. “007 is a hero with whom we all grow”, he pointed out to the Daily Mirror. The shooting, in progress, raised concerns following the injury in late may of Daniel Craig, the interpreter’s best spy his gracious Majesty, then an incident at the beginning of June, which has not been hurt by it.

But in another interview to the media specialist Digital Spy posted on June 19, Rami Malek was keen to reassure the public about the schedule of the shoot. If the actor had not “yet turned with Daniel” Craig mid-June, it had already turned “a week in Norway”. The output of the film is highly anticipated because this will be the last appearance of Daniel Craig in the costume of 007. She is due in April 2020.