In Japan continue to find bodies after a landslide and floods — already 58 victims (video)

heavy rains caused flooding and landslides in southwest Japan. As a result of floods killed 58 people, another 17 were missing.

Pounding rain that already caused deadly floods in southern Japan is moving northeast, causing more rivers to overflow, triggering mudslides and destroying houses and roads. At least 58 people have died in the several days of flooding.

— The Associated Press (@AP) July 8, 2020

evacuated for 145,6 thousand. 131 thousand people in some prefectures received recommendations for evacuation.

Rescuers because of the weather conditions are unable to actively conduct the search for the missing.

Massive #flooding devastates the streets of #Hitoyoshi#Japan

— srb news (@srbnews0) July 5, 2020

Add the rain fell on the island of Kyushu, Oita Prefecture came from the banks of two rivers. Forecasters also warned of floods and landslides in the Central and Western parts of Japan. In the areas of the prefectures of Gifu and Nagano Prefecture recorded rainfall, which was not for several decades.

At least 34 people are dead after major flooding along the Kuma River in Southern Japan. Dozens of others are either missing or stranded. Nearly 200,000 citizens are being urged to evacuate.

— PM Breaking News (@PMBreakingNews) July 5, 2020

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