In Japan, there were robotic Pets

In Japan, there were robots replacing Pets. They also know how to do housework. According to the developers, during a pandemic, “people began to stay longer at home, more acute experience of loneliness,” and such robots could help people survive difficult times. They are suitable for people who would like to have a pet, but can’t do due to allergies, ban Pets from the landlord, or the uncertainty that will take care of him, writes RIA “Novosti”.

일을 사람의 대신하거나 돕는것이 아니라 그저 귀여운것이 일 이라는 LOVOT.고양이정도의 체온을 가지고 있고 외출에서 돌아오면 현관까지 달려와 반긴다고.이름에 반응하고 안아주면 잠이 들기도 비틀비틀 한다고. 매출이 급성장 중이라는데. 인간은 상처주지 않는 존재를 안전하게 사랑하고 싶은가 보다.

— js (@js_tokyo) July 26, 2020

These toys are soft and warm, the body temperature maintained at 36-38 degrees, with each of the robots their own character, they recognize the attention and after 3 months can already allocate in the family, especially the dear people and show all the signs of affection.