June, at Versailles, is synonymous with theatre. Summer, joy, and theatre. A popular theatre, a young and demanding, which is for the 24th year pride Month Molière. The event, created under the impetus of François de Mazières, a young and in charge of cultural affairs, now the mayor of the city, is one of the very few to offer the vast majority of performances free of charge. At a time when the season is closing for good number of parisian theatres, it is necessary to take advantage of it.

All the nooks and crannies of the city are requisitioned. In the wall of the Great Stable, a true “Court of honor” of the festival, the shows are highly anticipated. It is advisable to arrive early to ensure a place. “I tried to organize a week, such as Molière, a week of Shakespeare and a week on the directory Russian”, says Mr de Mazières, always invested.

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In the language of Molière, therefore, Les fourberies de Scapin (directed by Gwenhaël de Gouvello, the other of Jean-Philippe Daguerre) will be worth definitely a visit. But also, parts less mounted: LesFâcheux, comedy-ballet in the French of the Seventeenth, or The failed love affair, a creation signed Jean-Hervé Apperé-in-residence at Versailles. Remember also, that the Month Molière shines by the number of young people shows created on the spot. Finally, Mademoiselle Molière , biopic of Madeleine Béjart, mistress of Poquelin. For this role, Anne Bouvier has just been distinguished best actress award to… Molières.

directory, of Gogol to Feydeau

on the Russian Side, the wild melancholy of Gogol, with The Double , beautifully taken over by Ronan River. Or The Idiot of Dostoevsky, directed by Thomas Le Douarec. But also the funny meeting between Solzhenitsyn and the mayor RL of Crest Hervé Mariton with The Speech of Harvard. Other classics, Chekhov, this time, Uncle Vanya and The Seagull , adapted by our colleague Jean-Luc Jeener, in his theatre of the North-West. The director will also jump back to The Merchant of Venice of Shakespeare, as we have said, is well represented. Include a Macbeth with William Mesguisch in the title role, and two stagings of the Dream of a summer night . In the end of the month, Much ado about nothing is directed by Salomé Villiers, a talent to follow.

For a laugh, Feydeau and Labiche are programmed to the shovel. Olivier Hermel attack even two-vaudevillistes by combining A woman who loses her garters and The pavement of the bear . Equally enticing, the Grimm fairy Tales , an adaptation of a spectacle-promenade in the Garden of the King by the accustomed places Stephanie Tesson.

The programming is wide, electrical, but of equal quality. Here it is Impossible to be exhaustive. It is necessary to walk, trusting (too) random. Cross, at least once, the doors of the Montansier, a magnificent jewel of a theatre, inaugurated in 1777 before the king and the queen, a stone’s throw of the castle. Do not skimp on the beautiful nuggets of amateur theatre (43 parts), or on the dance shows and concerts!

● The month Molière to the House of the month Molière, Square in the flour, Place du Marché Notre-Dame, Versailles (78).
Tel.: 01 30 21 51 39. Hours: check it out.
Until , June 30. Seating: many shows are free.