In Kemerovo arrested bloggers, who shot video of a traffic violator, who was a pensioner of the Ministry of internal Affairs

A court in the Kemerovo region arrested two local bloggers on the case of hooliganism (part 2 of article 213 of the criminal code), the message of the press service of the regional Department of the RF IC. According to investigators, in April 2020, young people saw that the driver parked the car in the wrong place. They called the police and, according to the office, “began to provoke the man to the conflict.” Event was filmed on camera. According to SK the Russian Federation, after the police arrived, the bloggers continued to “be aggressive”, and also sprayed gas in the face of the driver and his wife. The driver revealed burns to the cornea, according to the Agency. The driver, as it turned out, was a pensioner of the Ministry of interior and do a traffic violation. In SK the Russian Federation added that by the time the events he already made the report. Meanwhile, local control of the Center “e” were searched, during which the apartments seized computers, disks, drives and phones. Carried out the shooting buddy bloggers takes on the case of a suspect, according to “the Media” with reference to the SK. As writes the edition, the movement “do Not be inert” has published a video with a RAID near the building of the FSB in Kemerovo. According to the statement of Sergey Kamensky, a Kuzbass resident has violated the rules of the road, then the driver takes away from the Comenius camera. A former police officer escapes with the technique, and blogger Maxim Lawrence sprays him in the face with gas. Then Lawrence and Nicholas turn to the police, and then withdraw, as the security forces and the driver are standing together and talking, adds “the Media”.

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