In Khabarovsk, police filed a case of beating a master channel

In Khabarovsk, the police opened a criminal case on application of a leading YouTube channel “Bulk Live” Dmitry Nizovtseva, which is an online broadcast of the urban protests.

“Arrived in the police. My statement was a criminal case under article 116 (Beatings). The bruise on her cheek was so glad that I repainted in yellow. But ill have almost stopped,” — said Nizovtsev, showing yellowing bruise on the cheekbone on Twitter.

Recall that Nizovtseva attacked on 23 July, when he was returning home after another broadcast — at the entrance he was beaten by three unknown persons.

this past Saturday in Khabarovsk has passed the next mass protest of the citizens in the defense of ex-Governor Sergey Furgala. Was detained one of the most active participants of the two-week series of shares of the Valentin Kashnikov, which the protesters know as “Valentine hat”.

according to “OVD-info”, Kvasnikov said that one of those present is a member of the FSB and had previously threatened him. The activist was attacked by unknown persons in civilian clothes, after which he was detained by the police. He later reported that it was drawn up, but it is not known for any article.

the activist had said about the threats with the requirement to terminate participation in the stock. On July 23, he showed others protesting the invitation to the police on July 27 for a Protocol under article about violation of the rules when carrying out the action (article 20.2 of the administrative code) on July 27. Kvasnikov did not rule out provocations.

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