In KHMAO for 24 days due to

In Yugra since July 5, has been on hunger strike the owner of a small rural shop.

according to “Novaya Gazeta” Evgeny Konygin from the village Seliyarovo fast of the 24th day. He keeps a small shop, and in addition, he has a wife and three children. As of March 27, his shop, like others, was closed by order of the Governor of KHMAO Natalia Komarova. Since the beginning of the pandemic Eugene has not received a penny of state support. In connection with the hunger strike he had health problems, but the hospital the man refused: the nearest hospital in Khanty-Mansiysk, it is 140 km arduous journey.

“so I opened the store now — I sit. But to resume the goods to me than that. I all these months kept the family on the money that I had. Over. Loans to pay for really nothing. The only car to sell that feeds me? Only a court decision will be given! How do I restore my business? Everything we had worked for four years, I lost: customers left. We serve the oilfield, the shift workers we have. Now try it,” explained the man.

“I Want the Governor drew attention to the real problems not only mine — I probably would have lived somehow, and could support a family. But we have hundreds and thousands of people in this situation. Now me a call and tell us: mortgages, loans to give nothing, business sell, cars sell,” said Konygin.

“In any support we have received. For Aquedu I was served at a penny a subsidy in the tax, refused. We have a support Center for small business, asked grant, not once communicated with the head, nothing. The head of the district I was told that the district no money for these purposes did not receive”, — said Eugene.

“Then I went on hunger strike. They do not care about people. These officials live on Mars. They have stable wages — we are paying the taxes. They can to plan your life, the lives of their children. Why I can’t? <...> Why fucking me like a thing?” — outraged whores.

“boiling Point has already been passed. I don’t work in “Gazprom” do not receive a stable salary; people like me, 80 percent here. Someone was silent, someone catches a fish, someone collecting mushrooms, which has a license need to buy. Berries will buy a license for pike, perch, even on the minnow… Why we should, why we-our government should not at least the district? I’m not talking about Moscow, there is generally a separate peace, continued to protest. — Who works in the oil industry, those decent wages. But they were bound, they have no freedom: say something — goodbye. We have here “Rosneft”; you’re in our area, I’ll show you how we live. Consciousness don’t lose them. Priobskoe field, one of the largest in Russia, our village is completely bushes (oil wells. — Ed.) surrounded. Theoretically, we should live in gold, but live not in it.”