In Kiev, the place a daring murder Sheremet, a monument to the journalist in the form of a crumpled sheet of paper (photos)

In the capital of Ukraine opened a monument to the leading radio “News” Pavel Sheremet. The journalist died in the explosion four years ago; a murder case, despite the alleged involved, is still not brought to trial.

to Create a sculpture that represents a crumpled piece of paper and set on the street of Ivan Franko, Nazar Bilyk.

In Kiev, the fourth anniversary of the death of journalist Pavel Sheremet has opened its memorial. A monument in the form of crumpled blank sheet of paper mounted on Ivan Franko street, near the place of death Sheremet.

— Meduza (@meduzaproject) July 20, 2020

the memory of the honored President Vladimir Zelensky. He called “Detskoe” murder that occurred on July 20, 2016, “a disgrace to Ukraine”.

According to the President, Sheremet “stood for the values of democracy, rights and freedoms in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine”. “He could never take away freedom so the customers decided to take a life,” said Zelensky.

“Ukrainian society” is closely monitoring the investigation and is waiting for “clear answers” and “irrefutable evidence”, he said. Before the court, according to Zelensky, must be brought “real killers” Pavel Sheremet, a “later — and true organizers and customers of this crime”. For this to happen, the state and law enforcement agencies “must do everything”, no matter how difficult the search for truth, said the head of Ukraine.

the Car, which was Sheremet, blew on the street of Ivan Franko. Investigators said that the journalist was killed for his professional activities.

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