In kindergarten Kotlas boys dressed up in girly dresses

In the city of Kotlas of the Arkhangelsk region there was a scandal: one of the teachers forcibly dressed boys in girly dresses. According to “True North”, the incident occurred a few months ago, but is widely known about him was only now. Currently, according to the publication, in kindergarten review. In a situation understands the Prosecutor’s office and the regional Commissioner for the rights of the child. The children’s Ombudsman in Archangelsk region Olga Smirnova said that organized re-checking for violation of the rights of minors. In an interview she explained that she previously asked the mother of one of the injured boys. “Before that, according to her, she appealed to the district Prosecutor’s office, the local authorities,” — said Smirnov. According to the Ombudsman, the teacher took the children in the younger group because of their behavior. And there, in the younger group, the teacher dressed them in dresses girls. “Then, in these dresses, the children were taken back. According to the mother, this case was known not only caregivers and nannies, but the head of the kindergarten,” — said Smirnov. Parents complained to the Prosecutor’s office and the local education Committee, backed by a statement video from surveillance cameras in the garden. Officials explained that the goal of educators was to show: “Boys can’t be girls on sex”. According to the children’s psychologist Natalia Naumova, such actions are a mockery. “There was the goal of the shame, most likely. If a province, sometimes people call on the phone from distant villages, towns, complain that the teachers on children wear a “hat of shame” she said to radio station “Moscow Says”. — Over the child “in the hood” all you can mock anything you like. There’s this terrible trend, unfortunately, poor control over staff. Teachers, apparently, is absolutely not themeyut any idea about child psychology. It’s very important the context of putting on the dress, a message from an adult could change the world of the child, his perception is the first stage and the second stage — reaction of parents will stand up or not.” According to psychologist, the boys who are adults with the purpose of ridicule is told to wear a dress, may subsequently be formed unhealthy attitudes towards women. Parents in this situation must stand on the side of the child, to explain that he is not guilty, and to understand the situation, said the psychologist.

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