In Kommunarka rekonstruiruet road to new metro station

In those areas, and launched the first phase of updates to the road network leading to the open last year, the station “Kommunarka”. Soon the road will begin reconstruction of Petrovskoi street to make it convenient for public transport.

in addition to Petrevski street in Kommunarka rekonstruiruet the streets Clear and the city Mill. Sosinski between Mill street and Alexandra Monakhova, shopping and office center will create a new highway of regional significance. Equipped with additional entrances and exits to the street Alexandra Monakhova.

Very nice sosenskiy Mill will be extended from street to street azure Alexandra Monakhova, and then to plan in the future of the highway “Moscow — Kommunarka — Ostafievo.” The street Clear will be extended until the subway station “Kommunarka”, where there will be slop-turning circle for public transport.

On all reconstructed streets will update the outdoor lighting, storm drains, sidewalks will do. The surrounding area prosper. According to the head of Department of development of new territories of Moscow Vladimir Zhidkin to complete all the work planned by the end of 2021.

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