In Krasnodar charged for

The investigation has charged the Chairman of the public Council of Anniversary microdistrict of Krasnodar, a member of the regional planning Council Tatyana Zakharova. As told by the social worker correspondent “of Rosbalt”, it attracted an accused in a criminal case under article 207.1 of the criminal code (dissemination of false information). Tatyana Zakharova said that was a known initiator of criminal prosecution. According to her, this is his initiative, said the mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshev. “Yesterday, the town planning Board, with the participation of Governor of the Krasnodar territory and the mayor of Krasnodar. The mayor was connected online. And there is a public right have listed all of the persecuted community members — me, Galina silman, a Novel Atlas of the major species that differ in opinion with the authorities and become involved in criminal cases in recent years. The Governor Veniamin Kondratiev asked that criminal proceedings and who have filed applications. Eugene Pervushov said, “I applied”,” — said Zakharov. Recall that the reason for the criminal investigation was the publication of the social activist on his page in Facebook unverified information about the fact that in Krasnodar have replacement passes to get around the town under quarantine. This information Zakharov received from the Chairman of the public Council of the district of gidrostroitel’, a member of the public Council on human rights under the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Galina Silman. City officials denied the report. Tatyana Zakharova did not rule out that a criminal case could be payback for her preventing the development plans of the land in the Jubilee neighborhood.

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