In Krasnoselsky district residents noticed the trucks with debris and signs

Residents of the Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg is suspected that debris from the scene of the reconstruction of the CCM are taken at the mouth of the Krasnenkaya river and on the Gulf coast. In social networks they shared the photos and wrote that the trucks, the cabs which hang plaques with the inscription “CCM”, a continuous stream stretch along the street of Marshal Kazakov. Citizens complain of dust and noise from trucks.

the activists of the movement “Beautiful Petersburg” and “Protect Pearl beach” together with the municipal deputies MO southern Primorsky conducted a joint inspection. According to their observations, every 10 minutes on the dump came on the average on 10 machines.

“Between the South-Western thermal power plant and street of Marshal Kazakova, from the streets of Valor and to the Gulf of Finland, was recorded mountains of construction waste: concrete blocks of different sizes, rebar, rocks, pieces of asphalt, brick, soil and clay,” — said the city’s protectors.

They intend to send requests to the Prosecutor’s office and the city administration. “We hope to attract broad public attention to this situation and to pursue the investigation. Recultivation and liquidation of a dump of similar size will cost the budget billions of rubles”, — said activists.

“Rosbalt” presents the project “trash — be honest!”, reminding that the problem of proper disposal of waste concerns all of us, and everyone can contribute to its solution. And what kind of answers we find today will impact our quality of life tomorrow.

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