In Krasnoyarsk region the rains have washed away two road bridges (photos, video)

due to heavy rains in the Krasnoyarsk region partially collapsed two road bridges.

One design blurred on 65-th kilometer of the road Partisan — Mina in Partizansky district, the press service of the regional interior Ministry cupola. Also on 50-m kilometre of the same road washed away at the second bridge, reports portal “City news”.

the result was disrupted transport links with the towns Coy, Mina, Kutyrkin, Khabaydak and Mana.

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⛔ In the Partisan district closed the traffic on route Khoi – Minh . Heavy rains have led to a significant increase in the water level in the river Coy. As a result, the flow of water washed away the bridge supports (Lukashevich – Coy) on the 1st km of the road Coy Mine. . Currently, transport links between settlements p. Hell and p. Mina is possible through Mansky district on the road to Sayan. . ☎ Info about the situation on the inter-municipal road network region on the website: or by phone of the dispatching centre: (391) 211-76-97.

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Jun 6, 2020 at 8:PDT 09am oter saves student!

In the field of emergency now on duty a detachment of police.

Also water damaged section of road at the 25th kilometer of the highway between Scetinkino and Goycay. And in two villages the day before there was flooding of houses due to the rise of water in the river Ceiba in the area of Kuragino region.

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