In Krasnoyarsk the little boy left home and never returned

Dozens of people in Krasnoyarsk, brought to search for six-year-old boy who went missing after leaving the house.

According to the regional Ministry of internal Affairs, the child lived at a Quiet lane, 9, and went for a walk about seven o’clock on Tuesday.

without waiting for his return, four relatives went to the police. The boy was in blue with green accents sports jerseys, sports trousers of black color, blue sneakers and a blue t-shirt with toy cars.

“Until now, his whereabouts are not known… In view 6-7 years old, height 110 cm, slim build, swarthy complexion, brown eyes, black hair, short”, — told the police.

in Addition to the commissioners and officers of the criminal investigation, in search of the child involved volunteers. Information is collected by phone 262-11-77, 8-999-314-01-75 or 102.

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