In Kronstadt the children were given expired canned

the Kronstadt families in kindergarten was given food packages with expired canned food. This was told by the victims themselves in social networks.

“Take a can of Saury, unstick the label, and there are traces of old labels… Open the can, and there wash with odor of herring and whence the undertaken caviar?! And feeding it to our children?” — wrote local resident.

Judging by the comments, the problem faced a few of Kronstadt.

“This is Tough! Now look, we have the same thing! So it is impossible, it is overdue! Photo attached! There’s your humanitarian aid” — outraged woman.

Users are encouraged to write a statement to law enforcement. Some, however, found a place for irony.

“And all this mess you know why? No, don’t you guess? But because it is necessary in the Constitution to amend on “the issue of food packages of appropriate quality and correct deadlines”,” wrote a man.
Municipal officials have responded to complaints of citizens.

“the Kronstadt district Administration in conjunction with the police checks on the addresses of Kronstadt residents about the products included in the composition, received by residents in educational institutions, food rations”, — follows from the release in the official group of the Department.

we will Remind, in Petersburg food packages during a pandemic be given to the pupils of kindergartens, schoolboys and students of colleges. Benefit put the children, which kompensiruet of budget funds in accordance with the Social code.

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