In Lebanon, a growing number of victims of the devastating explosion

the Lebanese Ministry of health reported four new victims of the explosion in the port of Beirut and the sharp rise in the number of victims.

According to the channel OTV, has already killed 158 people, more than 20 missing.

Various wounds have received more than 6 thousand people, although initially it was only known about 5 thousand.

Meanwhile, outside the Parliament building in the centre of the Lebanese capital Beirut pass anti-government demonstrations. Began mass clashes between protesters and police, in the course of going tear gas and stones.

we will Remind, powerful explosion rocked Beirut in the port on 4 August and destroyed half of the buildings in the city. It was assumed that the cause of PE was the improper storage of explosive mineral fertilizers, however, after authorities did not exclude the version of a missile attack or a bomb explosion.