In London called the new sanctions against Russians

a New personal sanctions including against the Russians, would allow the UK to prosecute individuals and organizations around the world, in contrast to the usual mechanism of sanctions, which are aimed at a specific country. This was stated by the British foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

“Today, we are introducing a list of 49 individuals and organizations responsible for the worst crimes against human rights in the recent past. It is a demonstration that the global Britain acts in the world as a force for good,” added the Minister.

Today I will introduce a sanctions regime that will target people who have committed the gravest human rights violations. Global Britain will be an even stronger force for good in the world, in the years ahead.

— Dominic Raab (@DominicRaab) July 6, 2020

He said that the decision on the replenishment list will be taken by the group of specialists in various departments of the British foreign Ministry.

we will Remind, earlier it became known that Britain imposed sanctions against 25 Russians, whom London considers implicated in the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in 2009, as well as 20 Saudis suspected of involvement in the murder of opposition journalist Jamal Casucci. In the list of found and two generals from Myanmar, and two North Korean structure, accused of torture, murder and the use of prison labor. The sanctions involve a ban on entry to the UK, freezing any assets, if there is any in the country included in the list. In the sanctions list included the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin, a former Deputy interior Minister Alexei Anichin, the judge Alexey Krivoruchko, judge Svetlana Ukhnalev.

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