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In Lutsk, the terrorist was detained during the assault (photo, video)

In Lutsk, the terrorist was detained during the assault (photo, video)

In Lutsk (Volyn region of Ukraine) from the captured terrorist Maxim Krivoshein (“Bad”) bus release of all hostages. This was announced by interior Minister Arsen Avakov published video saved.


— Arsen Avakov (@AvakovArsen) July 21, 2020

When the safety of the hostages was secured, the commandos stormed the bus and arrested Krivosha. During the assault, shots were heard and an explosion.

the photos show that the security forces grabbed the detainee lying hands. According to the national police, Compressor surrendered himself — got off the bus and lay on the ground.

In the office (administration) of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the terrorist decided to give up after watching a video message recorded at his request by the head of state.

Lutsk. All intact!

— Arsen Avakov (@AvakovArsen) July 21, 2020

the Suspect, who seized 13 people, faces charges in the terrorist article. Man will also check the sanity of the psychiatrist.

According to the information Avakov, the claims of the terrorist that he planted the bomb with the remote control, turned out to be false.

the Minister informed that the suspect had an accomplice in Kharkov, who also detained.

Of the hostages and members of the security organs no one was injured, but the Compressor was shot at the first Deputy head of the national police Eugene Koval. He came to the bus twice: the first took the seized cans of water, then took three hostages. The shooter just missed.

read More about the contribution of the President Zelensky in the liberation of the bus passengers read here. The head of Ukraine has congratulated everyone who all day fought for the lives of the hostages, with the successful liberation of the people and said that “terrorism no place in any country”.

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