In Magadan, Lenin turned to frightening

In Magadan, a statue of Lenin set the pins to scare birds away, but as a result, the monument began to look so amused users of social networks. Some compared the new image of Lenin with the character from the movie “Hellraiser”, others with punk.

the mayor of the city Yuriy grishan, responding to jokes, said spikes allegedly took some active citizens. “I believe the installation of devices for repelling birds on a statue of Lenin just blasphemy,” he declared and instructed to remove the pins.

In the end, as the MagadanMedia, spikes from the monument was removed.

the Head of the Communist party faction in the regional Duma Sergey Ivanitsky, however, was not offended by the new image of the leader of the world proletariat. “That confuses the thorns on the head of Lenin? As the mayor refers to the fact that the seagulls muck it all? And no one did, although this property of the municipality. How the mayor described it — not blasphemy? I feel very calm now,” he said. However, he said that the Communists to protect the monument from birds not involved.

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