In Magnitogorsk opened a criminal case against opposition leader on suspicion of insulting a police officer

In Magnitogorsk, the police searched the house of the head of the city branch of PARNAS Vadim Borodin. As the correspondent of “Rosbalt” the politician’s wife, journalist Tatiana Borodina, a criminal case about the insult of representative of authority (article 319 of the criminal code). “Thursday at 6:30 in the morning came to us about 12 people, four of them with guns. Said that came due to the fact that my husband had allegedly insulted the police officer and they have a court order for search and seizure of the media, with which he could have made insults. To call a lawyer they were given, the phone was immediately taken away,” — said Borodin. It turned out that we are talking about the offensive remarks of the head of the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Magnitogorsk’s Mandakini. During the search were seized computers. In the cabinets one of the rooms was also discovered a gun and ammunition. “The ammo and the gun is not ours, of course,” — said Tatiana Borodina. The lady of the house said that due to law enforcement officials along with witnesses went from floor to floor, from room to room, and the couple did not have time to keep track of everything. Now Borodina clarify what went missing from their personal belongings. After a search of Vadim Borodin was taken away for interrogation in Investigative Committee. After questioning the oppositionist was released under the obligation about an appearance. Vadim Borodin considers the charges of insulting the only reason for persecution. In his opinion, the reason the criminal case was his opposition and human rights activities.

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