In Magnitogorsk the government made a pandemonium of pensioners

In Magnitogorsk during the ongoing pandemic coronavirus seniors lined up in huge queues for the free food packages from the Department of social protection.

according to under the scorching sun close to each other stood more than fifty people. Discussing pictures of the crowd in social networks, citizens were outraged, why not food packages are spread around the homes of retired volunteers, as it was before.

In the administration of Magnitogorsk said that the social workers will bring food packages to home only to those who can’t walk and is in home service. When visiting the points of food distribution must comply with mask mode and social distance. While there stated that to food packages is possible by appointment only.

Sets issued only to single pensioners over 65 and poor families with many children, families with children with disabilities, single mothers who receive child allowance and single invalids of the third group.

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