In Mali, the plane of the UN mission with the Russians on Board made a hard landing

The plane of the UN mission made a hard landing in the city of Gao in Northern Mali. According to the publication registration number of the plane — RA-74044. According to preliminary data, 11 people were injured, no fatalities. The message about the incident was confirmed by TASS in the Russian Embassy in Mali. “The Embassy keeps the situation under control,” — said the Agency interlocutor. He said that we are talking about the UN flight, which carried out Utair. On Board were 11-12 people. “How many injured States, but the maximum I’ve got is a broken leg from one of those on Board,” — said the representative of the Embassy. He also said that the crew was Utair, “four people — passengers, six or seven — crew”. “Utair most of the staff is to our citizens, sometimes Belarusians. Information specified”, — added in the Embassy. RIA “Novosti” reported that on Board were seven Russians. One of the passengers suspected broken leg. Currently being investigated circumstances of the incident.