The collapse of the buildings in the rue d’aubagne he precipitated this choice? The headmaster of the lycée professionnel Colbert in Marseille was given, Monday, November 19, permission to remove the panels of Philippe Sourdive, phd, a ceramicist from the 1940s and 1950s close to the Corbusier. The execution of the work has led to a destruction of a large portion of them as revealed by David Shell of La Marseillaise .

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The school advance “security reasons” to justify these unfortunate work. At the end of a technical visit occurred before the summer of 2018, the directorate had been advised that precautions should be taken to prevent tiles from falling off. Asked by Le Figaro the principal of the lycée Colbert has not given result.

all that remains today is one of the five panels of ceramic signed Philippe Sourdive. David Shell – Twitter

The mural of ceramic, just like the building of the school designed by Fernand Pouillon and René Egger in the early 1950s, is classified with the label of the modern Architecture is remarkable. “It is outrageous and mind-blowing”, is said in La Marseillaise the architect Catherine Saiyan, last companion of Fernand Pouillon.

If the classification does not prevent the holding of the work, at least does it implicitly sponsors to prevent the regional directorate of cultural affairs (Drac) and the regional council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur. The Drac, especially in question, denies having been aware of it. “The service architecture, which should have been prevented, had wind of the work the same day. Everyone was stunned,” said Catherine Cauche, head of information and communication.

The regional council wants to be reassuring

on The side of the regional council, which has responsibility for the construction and maintenance of schools, this story does not leave quiet. Florian Laurençon, the deputy director general of the services in charge of Education, Culture, Youth, wants to be reassuring. “Never, there was no question of destruction. Simply, he had to take an emergency decision to avoid that a tile does not hurt a high school student, he says. We have authorized a removal careful to preserve and move the tiles. During the operation, the dilapidated condition of the fresco has led to the destruction of some of them.”

such An emergency caused astonishment. A safety net or setting up an area around the panels, wouldn’t they be enough? The work conducted in haste, the right holders have not been able to be associated to the decision with tragic consequences.

“it May be that some precipitation has led to damage,” admits Florian Laurençon. “It is also the result of two decades during which the maintenance has probably not been correctly made”, continues the deputy general director in the regional council.

According to David Shell of La Marseillaise , the destruction of the fresco is far more important than the suggests responsible. Four of the five panels would have ended up in a dumpster with junk.

The building is not classified as historical Monuments, it is likely that this case will not go any further than a simple reminder of the law without any sanction. “The situation is unprecedented and the sharing of responsibilities difficult to establish,” says Catherine Cauche in to the Drac.

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