In Minsk again detain peaceful protesters — works military special forces, heard explosions and shooting (photos, video)

In the Belarusian capital, security forces carried out arrests of protesters opposed to the further finding of the President Alexander Lukashenko at the head of the country. The head of Belarus on the eve of the re-elected, supporters of his main rival Svetlana Tikhanovski the second day out on the streets.

the Detentions are carried out at several points. According to TASS, this time detained at least 30 people. Some of them passers-by, according to video from the scene.

Apply non-lethal weapons, particularly tear gas. Near the metro station “Pushkinskaya” protesters erected barricades of improvised means.

According to the Telegram-channel NEXTA Live in one area, on the street Kalvariyskaya, against peaceful demonstrators are special operations forces — military special forces. He was allegedly given the setting of “hard power” actions.

the sounds of gunfire and explosions, presumably stun grenades. Neighborhoods shrouded in smoke.

Kalvaryjskaja street in Minsk, where special police shoot people

— Franak Viačorka (@franakviacorka) August 10, 2020

the Other protesters are on the streets, clapping and chanting “long live Belarus!”. Passing cars hooted in support.

the Newspaper “Nasha Niva” reports that during acceleration from shooting their wounded journalist Natalya Lubnevsky. What do you shoot and who is still unknown. On the first day of protest the riot police used rubber bullets.

Another hotspot in Minsk sport palace. Provocations against peaceful protests are highly possible.

— Franak Viačorka (@franakviacorka) August 10, 2020

Left to protest and residents of other cities, such as Grodno, Vitebsk, Lida, Brest. Detaining there, working “the astronauts”, says NEXTA. Gunfire and exploding stun grenades can be heard in BraySTE.

Meanwhile, Russian Ambassador Dmitry Mezentsev said that three Russian journalists covering the protests, were released after detention. Anton Starkov and Dmitry Lisenko present edition of the Daily Storm, semen Pegov is a military correspondent. Also the police released the detained RT reporter.

Telegram-movement channel “Country life”, meanwhile, reports that the oppositionist Tikhanovski allegedly forcibly held in the building of the CEC. Earlier this evening the KGB reported that it had prevented an attempt on the candidate. However, the wording NEXTA believes that messages about CEC provocation to lure to the area of protesters.

the CEC said RIA “Novosti” that Tikhanovski left the building after filing a complaint against the election results.