In Minsk have detained a doctor who participated in the protest medics

was detained In Minsk in resuscitation Bogdan Shilnikovskogo who participated in the protest of the medics, reports

As described in the publication each doctor, and several others were detained by people in plain clothes and in masks, arrived by minibus and car. According to the source, during the arrest they “used batons”. When he was allowed to get up from the ground, Shilnikovskogo was no longer there, and nearby colleagues said he was “taken with the words as if he were the organizer of it all.”

on Wednesday Afternoon for protesting doctors left the health Minister of the country Vladimir Karanik that attempted to remove physicians from the street, and later called a doctor to the street with placards “a well-orchestrated event” and “provoking a law enforcement response.”

we will Remind, in Belarus the fourth day of protests against the results of voting in the presidential election that took place on August 9. According to official data of the CEC, the winner was Alexander Lukashenko: it is the election Commission has counted more than 80%, and his rival from the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovski — only 10%. However, witnesses and observers reported fraud in the areas. She Tikhanovski said that scored at least 70%, and the results of voting are forged. The day after the election, she left Belarus and now is in Lithuania. Across the country there are mass protests, they are accompanied hard by arrests, beatings of protesters and attacks by security forces on passersby and cars. Injured several hundred people, there are victims.