In Minsk Riot policemen fired at people who were on the balcony of a house

riot police fired were on the balconies of people who screamed fleeing from the security forces, participants of the rally, where you can hide. It is reported

According to media reports, Riot policemen ran to the crowd on the Avenue of Dzerzhinsky from the metro station “Grushevka”, chased the protesters.

From the balcony they were trying to help the locals. They threw bottles at law enforcement officers, and then began to scream, running away to hide. Riot policemen started to shoot.

we will Remind, in Belarus the third day did not subside the protests against the results of voting on presidential elections that took place on 9 August. According to official data of the CEC, the winner was Alexander Lukashenko: it is the election Commission has counted more than 80%, and his rival from the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovski — only 10%. However, witnesses and observers reported fraud in the plots.

She Tikhanovski said that scored at least 70%, and the results of voting are forged. The day after the election, she left Belarus, now Tikhanovski is located in Lithuania. In cities of Belarus there are mass protests, accompanied by detentions, beatings of protesters, there were casualties.