In Minsk, security officers pull drivers out of cars and beat feet (video)

the Belarusian security forces stop cars, get out of the drivers and kicked, according to the Telegram-channel NEXTA live, posting eyewitness video shot from a passing vehicle.

According to the information channel, such actions are taken by the staff of GAI in a residential neighborhood Uruchcha in Minsk. The video shows how the traffic cops pull drivers from cars in the middle of the Avenue and beat them up.

communication personnel In the security forces pull drivers from cars in the middle of the Avenue and Bute, reports NEXTA

— the Media. Belarus (@mediazona_by) August 11, 2020

Besides, similar incidents occur in the area of Stone hill, where the clashes of protesters with security officers. There are victims in the emergency Department 10 minutes from the hospital. One of them said he was driving the car and filmed the events on the phone. He was forced to stop, pulled out from salon and harshly beaten

There, on the Stone slide, judging by the video, another eyewitness, security forces stopped a car crashing into his own transport and forcing him to pull over to the side.

according to media reports, previously, the Parliament of Belarus said that the actions of the security forces to disperse protests in the country are “absolutely adequate”.

Recall that the protests in the cities of Belarus have not stopped for the third day. In clashes with the security forces and injured over two hundred people, some required hospitalization. The reason for the exit of people to the streets was the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko, President at absolutely opaque counting process. As reported, the candidate of the United opposition Svetlana Tikhanovski did not recognize the victory of Lukashenko, saying that he had received in the elections of 9 August, approximately 80% of the votes. The CEC has counted it only 10% have re-elected President — a little more than 80%.