In Minsk, the security forces dispersed the protesters and destroyed the barricades at the metro

In Minsk, the security forces dispersed the demonstrators and destroyed they built barricades in the area of metro station “Pushkinskaya”, local media reported.

As reported, near the supermarket “Riga” for acceleration was used stun grenades. The barricades were broken special equipment.

however, according to “Euroradio”, most of the demonstrators dispersed itself.

on the Eve in Minsk and other Belarusian cities began mass protests after the presidential election. On Monday in clashes with the security forces suffered about a hundred people, some required hospitalization. On Tuesday, the protests continued. As reported, the candidate of the United opposition Svetlana Tikhanovski did not recognize the victory of Lukashenko, saying that he had received in the elections of 9 August, approximately 80% of the votes. The CEC has counted it only 10% have re-elected President — a little more than 80%.