In Montenegro, the police razganata the demonstrators with tear gas

the city of Budva in Montenegro against the protesters the police used tear gas. The stream from the event store by the local media.

“the Police used tear gas after citizens began to throw nearby building of the police with eggs and stones. Detained several deputies-oppositionists,” reports the portal of the newspaper Vijesti.

Budva: Bačen suzavac, policija sprovela Bulatovića do CB, građani ga gađali jajima

— (@fosmedia_me) June 24, 2020

the Network also has photos and videos of clashes between citizens and police in front of the city administration of Budva.

#vijesti #politika #Budva Haos u Budvi: Policija bacila suzavac, kamenovana stanica policije

— Vijesti (@Vijestime) June 24, 2020

on the Eve of the leadership of Budva refused to recognize the results of local elections and to leave office space. Municipal officials and citizens gathered at city hall. The police had stormed the building with the use of chemicals.Mayor Marko the Prince and the President of the municipal Assembly of the city of Krsto Radovic was arrested. Delayed m other municipal officials and civilians.

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