In Moscow, a man in a coma to the coronavirus and woke up in another world

In Moscow, 52-year-old man miraculously came back to life after a long coma and began to resent the changes due to the coronavirus. The patient showered your doctor questions such as “where did the machine”, “what is the pandemic”, “why on the street so few people.”

As reported by “KP”, the incident occurred in the Central clinical hospital of the President administration of the Russian Federation, where the man got on March 6 for scheduled surgery to remove a brain tumor.

According to the neurosurgeon CDB Andrey Reutov. a few days later the patient went into a coma, he was diagnosed with pneumonia, but the coronavirus has not been confirmed. “The condition was serious, but the miracle happened: two months later he began to breathe,” said the doctor, noting that after the patient wakes shocking new reality. In the end, the doctors decided to tell him about the limitations due to the pandemic and why it was not allowed a wife.

currently, the publication adds, the wife of the patient were allowed to visit, and his questions about the coronavirus responsible it is now.

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