In Moscow, a man kidnapped a six year old girl and taken to the woods, the girl managed to escape

In Moscow, six-year-old girl miraculously managed to escape from the men that abducted her. Pervert kidnapped little girl from the entrance of a house and dragged into the woods.

the Incident happened when the girl went to his house together with his mother and brother. The girl wanted to climb the apartment stairs. After receiving permission from the mother, the girl went on foot. As reported by REN TV on the third floor, she met an unknown man, who struck her on the head and took to the woods.

In the forest the girl managed to escape from hands of the criminal and run to the Playground on the street Ostrovityanova. There the child drew the attention of passers-by and called an ambulance. The attacker is looking for. The baby, the doctors identified a brain concussion and cranial-a brain trauma and multiple abrasions.

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