In Moscow gather signatures for the cancellation of the vote on the Constitution

In Moscow’s Pushkin square is the collection of signatures under collective claim in court with the requirement to cancel results of voting on amendments to the Constitution. About it reports “Kommersant”. According to the publication, in the square gathered about 300 people. The congregation formed two lines to sign. Before the collection of signatures was organized by the coordinator of the “Open Russia” Tatyana Usmanova and Executive Director of the Andrei Pivovarov. The posters in single pickets and slogans, shouting audience, requires the cancellation of only one paragraph of the adopted amendments is to abolish the terms of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Law enforcement has failed to intervene. According to “OVD-info”, near Pushkin square at the exit of McDonald’s was arrested activist Artem Abramov. He was stopped by Riot policemen on the orientation of the Centre to combat extremism. Security forces inspected all things, including who was in the backpack folded banner. Then called the staff of the Center “e”, once again conducted a screening, after which the activist was released. Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg continues to collect signatures against the amendments to the Constitution. According to estimates of the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, all in the city center stretches for more than 600 people. About fifty of the townspeople surrounded the picketers, who held posters of opposition content. We will remind, on 1 July finished voting on the amendments to the Constitution. According to official information, the new rules voted 77,92% of voters, against — of 21.27%. According to analysts, this will enable Vladimir Putin to run for President two more times, until 2036. “Rosbalt” on its YouTube channel conducts a live broadcast from the event.

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