In Moscow have detained Ilya Azar who carried out a picket in support of the founder of the project

the building of the capital dome, police detained the journalist Ilya Azar during single picket in support of the founder of the project “police Ombudsman” Vladimir Vorontsov.

As reported by Telegram-channel “Paddy Live”, the police explained the detention of the hazard ban on holding public events in the capital. The Hazard is coming, the lawyer Mikhail Biryukov.

Sam Azar said that it will draw up a report on the part 8 of article 20.2 of the administrative code; repeated violation of the rules of the meeting. He was later arrested and administrator of the “Paddy Live” Maxim Kondratyev. Also detained the coordinator of the “Open Russia” Tatyana Usmanova.

we will Remind, Vladimir Vorontsov, the decision of the Tver court of Moscow arrested for two months — until July 6. He is charged under part 2 of article 163 of the criminal code (“Extortion by a group of persons”) the media reported that Vorontsov allegedly extorted 300 thousand rubles from the former police officer on the non-proliferation of intimate photos.

Vorontsov Himself does not admit his guilt. In the human rights organization “Agora” I think his prosecution is political.

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