In Moscow opened a criminal case because of a bottle that fell on the girl from the 23rd floor

the Investigation Committee opened a criminal case on causing grievous bodily harm by negligence after an incident in the Krasnogorsk, where four-year-old girl fell package with a glass bottle. This was “Rosbaltu” said the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Olga Brady.

According to her, to date, criminologists have examined the scene and seized a piece of broken bottle.

the incident occurred on the evening of 1 July. The package with tar fell on his head passing on the pavement along with the parents of the girl. Currently, the girl is in the hospital, she was operated on.

the Investigators found that three children were in the driveway balcony of the 23rd floor and one of the boys threw standing on the floor of the trash bag.

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