In Moscow, protesters transgender came to the state Duma and was detained (photo)

In the Russian capital, opponents of the impending ban to marry transgender people held pickets. The police, according to human rights activists detained 17 people.

Detention in Moscow continue.

— LGBT+ Fraction (@civsoc_lgbt) July 18, 2020

the Detainees were taken to the police station. According to “Feminale”, one of the participants — transandine Pauline Simonenko face administrative arrest.

Member of FF @AddaAld came with a poster in Moscow.

— Temprance (@FemCivSoc) July 18, 2020

Similar events are held in the Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg. In the Northern capital arrested at least eight opponents of the amendments to the Family code.

the Idea to ban transgender marriages nominated members of the Council of the Federation, among which Elena Mizulina. The senators also want the transgender was unavailable adoption.

UPD. The police began to release the detainees in Moscow. From the Department of “Basmanny” three people got out.

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