In Moscow rescued a man with burns from Hogweed

Doctors of the Institute of emergency care. Sklifosovsky came to the aid of the man who mowed the Hogweed at the cottage in shorts and received severe burns.

As reported in the press service of the Metropolitan destava to the doctors, the victim appealed only on the seventh day. In the hospital the victim was brought with extensive lesions of the skin of the abdomen, back, extremities, particularly affected the left leg.

According to the man, he didn’t know what it looks like Hogweed and the more dangerous it is, so mowed down without any protection. “The situation was exacerbated by the Sunny weather, as the juice of Hogweed in contact with the skin increases its sensitivity to UV light and subsequently burns arise,” — said the press service of the Ministry.

As specified in desgraves, in “Sklif” patients with photochemical dermatitis after contact with the juice of Hogweed treated with a specially developed collagen dressings. In desgraves noted that doctors have managed to stabilize the patient and he was discharged.

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