In Moscow said goodbye to actor Aksenovym

In Moscow held a farewell ceremony with people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Kokshenov. This was announced by the actor Alexey Panin.

according to RIA “Novosti”, the farewell was held in the ritual hall of the Mitinsky crematorium. In addition to close relatives and friends to say goodbye to Aksenovym came honored artist of the RSFSR Boris Tokarev

according to poet Love Voropayeva, urn Aksenova buried in the family cemetery at the Novodevichy cemetery near the graves of Gogol.

Kokshenov died 4 Jun 84-m to year of life after long illness. He has appeared in over a hundred Soviet and Russian films, including in the film “the Adjutant of his Excellency”, “the Star of captivating happiness”, “the Tale of how Tsar Peter arapa married”, “Garage”. As a Director he directed more than ten films, including the trilogy “business Russian”, “Russian miracle” and “Russian account”.

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