In Moscow, spent 3 million PCR tests for coronavirus

In Moscow, the number of PCR tests for the coronavirus has reached 3 million About it has informed journalists the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova.

“Despite the stabilization of the situation with coronavirus in the city, Moscow continues to increase the volume of testing. This is necessary primarily for the safety of the citizens. City, Federal and private laboratories have already held 3 million PCR tests for coronavirus infection”, — said the Deputy mayor.

According to her, Moscow used different methods to identify patients with coronavirus is a PCR-based tests and CLIA testing.

mandatory in Moscow, a test for the coronavirus is taken from people with symptoms of SARS. Also testing be performed in patients with pneumonia, patients of non-communicable hospitals, everyone who lives with sick COVID-19, medical and social workers, staff transport, utilities, police.

From may 27 in the capital to undergo testing for antibodies to coronavirus infection can be anyone by appointment.

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