In Moscow, the conflict of tourists on the pond ended with the shooting, there are wounded

the Shooting occurred in the South-East of Moscow at night. As a result, the wounded man, he was in the hospital, have informed in a press-service of the MIA.

According to the “AGN Moscow” about the shooting, said residents of the street Trofimova, where there was an emergency. As it turned out, between two citizens there was a conflict in which one man shot another from an unidentified weapon. A man with a foot injury, was hospitalized.

“REN-TV” says that the incident occurred on the yacht, moored in the Kozhukhovsky pond. Supposedly the owner had a fight with his friends on Board were three guys and a girl — and asked them to leave the ship, but they did not respond. In the end, the yacht’s owner pulled out guns and shot one of the guests.

Details are set.

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